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Gerwald Radsma [1977]


Although life sometimes feels like hell, there is no need to sing a lament about it. It is up to us to transcend the madness and to build ourselves up.


My earlier memory is accompanied by a screaming father, insufferable classmates, and a school that leaves you for dumb. After the death of my mother in 1995, I went to study in her memory. But the one-dimensional-oriented art academy where education was stranded in a kind of collective self-study, did not even have a fraction of the quality needed to teach a student properly.  When my father died in 2005 it turned out that I had developed my creative ability negatively and ceased making art.



And yet, because of everything that happened, I carry with me a core that I managed to keep pure, a protective barrier between me, the pain and the madness. To protect and nurture myself and my inner naive childhood. Meanwhile, it appears that neurologists finally research things like love and happiness.  And we know how we can fight light depressions without medication. The ever-humanizing science ensures that we as humans can develop and surpass ourselves. Although art is not quite ready with the cynicism of the postmodern, I want to cut out a space for empathy and human experience.  At this moment I experience the renaissance of my life. I teach at the Fotoacademie. My first girlfriend with whom I have been since 1995, is  now my wife. And after the birth of our son Waldemar I discovered what strength is.


Since May 31, 2016, I have not declared myself stupid anymore, this after giving a lecture for Neuro Aesthetics that I gave in Utrecht.


Addicted to audiobooks, I drink knowledge like water from a fire hose. After having maintained this habit for a few years, the facets that have long been present in my undercurrent finally crystallize and I see the patterns forming. This project as a whole is an ordeal of myself to myself in order to eventually manifest myself as my true-est self.